Who We Are

Two mammas from the USA living in Sweden, who always seek to have a little bit of home close by their side. Lydia and Veronica are two creative and friendly gals looking to add a little bit of sparkle to life. Why not share their love for creating with all of you through their handcrafts!

Lydia, mother to Sophia and Helena and wife to Gabriel started sewing when she found out she was pregnant, making everything baby. This turned into making bows for her little one, admired by many, so she thought why not share the magic,  leading her to this exciting path of opening a shop!

Veronica, mother to Dilan and Evin and wife to Sidar, has always had a passion for fashion, arts and lettering. Her talents are out of this world and she is super excited to share a little piece of her talents with you and venture into new paths!



Here at Knots and Dots, we’re all about the good stuff.  Our goal is to provide a unique, yet functional style that will support your current lifestyle needs. We aim to add a little magic to the mix and provide pleasant customer service, determined to do what it takes to keep you happy!



We don’t believe in making something for it to be mass produced and seen everywhere. On the contrary we believe in a unique product in limited quantities. Our bows may only be made in batches of 10 or 20, so when it’s gone it’s really gone! This means that you can assure yourself that what you got it truly unique. Not to mention it is made to order, so no wasted materials and work! 



Providing your little ones with beautiful handmade bows designed by Lydia from hand picked fabrics here in Europe, with the thought of fun and functionality, fitting for all occasions! Style is a value at Knots & Dots and our handpicked items are chosen with love and detail, creating a thoughtful collection together with our bows. Mix and match however your heart desires, letting your little ones’ imagination and creativity explore.